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-- Billy --
Billy 1 - In the Beginning IN THE BEGINNING: BILLY 1 - Meet Billy Butler. He's been safely guarded from the evils of life by his overprotective parents. Meet Mirna, Billy's older sister who wants to rectify that situation. Meet Sue, the girl who can't wait to sink her sexual claws into young Billy. Meet Billy's nemesis, Smith (high school bully extraordinaire) who has been a thorn in Billy's side for too long. Now that Billy is out of school, he is ready to get his life going with Sue. There's just one teeny little hitch in this plan that even Billy isn't prepared for. Now meet the hitch: Greg, Billy's soon to be boyfriend!


"Wonderful, touching story"  "Can't stop reading it. It is absolutely amazing."

ISBN: 978-1-4523-1600-0
Billy 2 - Revenge of the Mother REVENGE OF THE MOTHER: BILLY 2 - Billy and his sister, Mirna, are back to once again take life by the horns and bravely stumble through the challenges that lay before them. In this, the second book, Billy and Abraham are to find that, although domestic life looks good on the drawing board, myriad unforeseen pitfalls are to challenge their bond. One specific pitfall is Abe's troubled nephew who suddenly becomes not only a welcomed addition to their lives but a disruptive force as well. Topping this off is Billy's mother, who, by not accepting her son's homosexuality, is on a mission to 'straighten him out' at whatever the cost.

ISBN: 978-1-4523-5639-6
Billy 3 - This One's for Smith THIS ONE'S FOR SMITH: BILLY 3 - Did Smith break out of prison to finish what he had started five years ago or are there more powerful forces of a supernatural nature at work? Billy’s past appears to be coming back to haunt him in ways that he could not have possibly imagined as, through a series of dreams and catastrophic events, he helplessly watches his once-happy life with Abraham eroding before his eyes. Further charging the already-tense atmosphere is Kato’s love life which is picking up but heading in the wrong direction. On top of everything else Billy’s friendship with a cop seems destined to move up the ladder to a more intimate level. Billy, Abe, Mirna, Wei; the whole gang’s back for one more stab at life while life stabs right back.

ISBN: 978-1-4523-3288-8
Billy 4 - Back in the Driver's Seat BACK IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT: BILLY 4 - Billy Butler's saga continues, although not exactly in the direction that he would have chosen. His lover, Abraham, is experiencing some problems stemming from their tumultuous past together. These difficulties, however, pale in comparison to Billy's. Returning from a vacation with his sister, Mirna, Billy unexpectedly encounters the granddaddy of problems and is forced to start all over again; new lover, new family, new memories. The catastrophe has hit Billy, his lover and his family hard and now they will need to band together in order to survive the crisis. Problem is that not all are so readily willing to hop aboard the express train to recovery.

ISBN: 978-1-4657-5249-9
Billy 5 - Out of the Ashes OUT OF THE ASHES: BILLY 5 - Dealing with the demise of his long term relationship with Abraham is difficult enough for Billy Butler without the added stress of two more men who are soon to be vying for his affections. Making matters worse is Billy's uncontrollable need to keep tabs on Abraham by spying through windows and this threatens to land both he and his sister, Mirna, in jail.

ISBN: 978-1-4657-5067-9
The Rise of the House of Butler THE RISE OF THE HOUSE OF BUTLER: BILLY 6 - Abraham Adoni is gone and Billy Butler is not dealing with his lover's death well. Fortunately, Billy has fallen head over heels for Paul Winfield, the vice president of a local bank, and that is helping take his mind off the terrible loss. When Paul gets transferred to Seattle, Washington, Billy dutifully follows along... only he is soon to discover that Paul is not all he seems to be.

ISBN: 9781476225159
Billy 7 - Walking the Straight and Narrow  WALKING THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW: BILLY 7 - Billy butler has lost his way in life and has decided that sex and love is not the answer. He has been hurt one time too many times and is especially down because of the one year anniversary of Abraham's death. Therefore, he decides to give up on sexual pleasures in search of more stable pleasures. The problem is that the sexual pleasures keep popping up, tempting him and sending him running in the opposite direction - only to find another opportunity waiting for him there. 

ISBN: 9781301164363
Billy 8 - Most Wanted  MOST WANTED: BILLY 8 - In this episode of the Billy series, Billy finds himself trapped in a high rise hotel room following an earthquake. Seeing as how his past week had been complicated by his continually ending up in jail, not to mention Mirna's co-worker, Bernard, swooping in and taking every guy Billy liked, perhaps the building coming down upon his head is for the best.

ISBN: 9781301076468
Snow on the Roof SNOW ON THE ROOF: BILLY 9 - Billy and his sister Mirna continue the fun, heartaches and mischief in the latest book in the Billy series. This time, Billy and Ice announce their wedding date. while Mirna has some news of a more somber nature guaranteed to harsh Billy and Ice's buzz. Of course, the moratorium on sex is not helping matters any for anybody. Also, as a favor for a working acquaintance of Mirna's, Billy offers to take care of Tishina's elderly father for a week, and surprises and troubles are guaranteed to tip every apple cart in the city.

ISBN: 9781370902644

-- Lyle --
Lyle 1 - Keon  KEON: LYLE 1 - Love is not always perfect, but it can be beautiful. Such is the case for Lyle, a policeman who does not expect to find his perfect mate while responding to a homicide call at the derelict Grosher Hotel. It is there, though, that he meets Keon, a young paraplegic man who is one welfare check away from living out on the street. Thus begins an adventure between the two men that neither will forget.

ISBN: 978-1-4523-8944-8
Lyle 2 - Bucky  BUCKY: LYLE 2 - Continuing from where book one left off, Lyle heads back out to the mean city streets in search of murder and mayhem and all kinds of other fun 'cop things'. Surprisingly, a routine traffic stop results in something most unexpected - named Bucky, and he's got all the qualifications for a runaway romance. Dieter and Michaels are back as well, both of them harboring startling secrets of their own.

ISBN: 978-1-4523-8256-2
Lyle 3 - Orlando  ORLANDO: LYLE 3 - The gay cop's life is now complicated by a number of factors. First and foremost, a kidnapper has emerged on the scene, abducting children and demanding a hefty ransom. Things really heat up, though, when the bad guy starts signing names to his notes... familiar names. And then there's FBI agent, Orlando Alvarez, with whom Lyle butts antlers at every turn. So why does he feel an attraction toward the man? Is Lyle merely confusing 'attraction' with 'pure, unadulterated hatred'?

ISBN: 978-1-4523-5096-7
Lyle 4 - Dawn of a New Gay  DAWN OF A NEW GAY: LYLE 4 - Rest assured that as long as there is crime in the streets, Lyle will be out there keeping the city safe. But what about when that crime hits a little close to home… like within the police department itself? There's something rotten going on and Lyle and his working partners, Michaels and Dieter are being directly affected. The charge is murder and the boys are going to prison one by one, and it is up to Lyle to not only clear his partner's names but his own name as well before he, too, is locked away and the key thrown away. The clock is ticking, the bodies are piling up, and Lyle is facing the challenge of his life.

ISBN: 978-1-4580-4268-2
Lyle 5 - Table for Three  TABLE FOR THREE: LYLE 5 - Orlando, Bonzai and Sheila, the respective partners and wife of Lyle, Michaels and Dieter, have a surprise waiting for the three cops and it is not a pleasant one. Suddenly, life is becoming complicated for the boys, although for Lyle it's even worse when he discovers that he has not one but two men vying for his affections in this continuation of the Lyle saga.

ISBN: 9781310221255
Lyle 6 - One More For the Road  ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD: LYLE 6 - What happened to Robert Nelson the fireman, Lyle's love interest who was gravely injured when a roof collapsed on top of him when battling a routine house fire? What happened to Logan Thompson, Lyle's alternate boyfriend whose kisses were less than stellar? And what happened to Lyle, Dieter and Michaels in San Diego when no less than two separate gangs came gunning for them? All these questions and more are answered in this, Lyle, Dieter and Michaels' final thrilling adventure.

ISBN: 9781310205033

Other Titles by Timothy Lee
Metamorphosis METAMORPHOSIS - Kody Ramsey is a typical homophobic bully whose 24 years of life have been spent utilizing his fists instead of his mind. Hating gays is a hobby and a passion. All that is about to change and Kody will soon discover within himself the lifestyle he had spent so much time fighting against. Thus, Kody's metamorphosis begins.

ISBN: 9781311557100
The Barbecue THE BARBECUE - From the creator of the Lyle and Billy series of books. Lear Hughes wants to share a secret with his homophobic family while attending a reunion. They know he is gay, but the family is unaware of his future marriage to his fiancé, Matthew Shaw, which he intends to reveal during the gathering. The family has a few secrets of their own, however, that could stop the marriage entirely.

ISBN: 9781311557872