Jeffrey Lynn Stoddard

House on Capital Hill THE HOUSE ON CAPITOL HILL - The large stately mansion stood majestic and proud upon Capitol Hill, overlooking Seattle in a way that seemed almost to proclaim its dominance of the entire city. Behind those walls lurked a very dark shadow of its past.

ISBN: 9781301867448
Face Your Fears FACE YOUR FEARS - Are you ready to face your fears? That is the question being posed to all who respond to a newspaper ad requesting participants who think themselves brave enough to spend one night in a reputedly haunted castle in Scotland. Once locked inside the confines of the 11th century castle the five are forced to face fears far worse than any could have anticipated.

ISBN: 9781301802456
Drache DRACHE - Lionel and his partner, Sean, had it all, until that dark day. Now, Lyonel is on the run. He has lost everything, he is hungry, filthy, tired and alone. But he is not really alone. He is being hunted by a creature that should not exist. A mythological dragon has been resurrected and is playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with Lyonel... and his time is running out.

ISBN: 9781452356495
Eye of the Storm THE EYE OF THE STORM - Dante Dre, a single gay man, awakens one morning to find his simple world suddenly turned upside down with the discovery of a dead man in his bed. The blood on his hands proves Dante to be the murderer, but why can't he remember having done it? Outside forces combine to complicate matters even more forcing Dante to not only figure out his part in the crime but to survive the night of terror.

ISBN: 9781452308654
Neighbor NEIGHBOR - James Ferguson has moved into a new house, he has just met Kyle, a prospective lover, and all is looking great. Threatening James' happiness, though, is Deputy Neuberg who suspects James of having a hand in the disappearances of James' three neighbors. Making matters worse is the neighboring house, itself, which appears to be haunted by something within that seems to be luring James inside.

ISBN: 9781452372815
Sueens Camp QUEENS CAMP - An ordinary camping trip with five gay friends turns sour when, first, they meet up with some bullies, and then get swept away with the bullies to an unknown place by a beam of pure white light. Once there, the ten are forced to face adversity and discover for themselves what they are really made of. The fight for survival and supremacy dogs their every turn as they search for a way to get home.

ISBN: 9781452355115
The Haunted The Hunted THE HAUNTED THE HUNTED - Elijah Morales and his partner of 3 1/2 years, Lobo Sanchez, have just moved into their new home. Strangely, recent unexplained events would seem to indicate that Elijah and Lobo are not the only ones occupying the home. In fact, they are soon to discover that whatever is haunting their 100 year old house has plans for Elija far greater and more horrifying than any he could ever have imagined.

ISBN: 9781452308647